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28 January 2013 @ 09:17 pm
I wake up in the middle of the night
I’m alone in the soundless room
I turn my eyes to the veranda
And absentmindedly
I just wait for the dawn to break

Sometimes at night
I become afraid morning will come
And as if to erase the silence
I hum a song

Moonlight vaguely illuminates this room
Somehow it becomes a bit suffocating
So I open a window
Pretending not to see
Your fossil, your warmth
Never throwing it away with the dawn
I close my eyes again

When the morning light comes
And I want to hide myself
I dive under the thin sheets
The sober waking even stopped
This morning beginning to make a sound

My letters to you arrived
But I received not a single one in return
After I lost you you were increasing bit by bit
Even the smallest summer fossil
Brings back memories of us
You left big footsteps in my heart
Even now, it’s as if I can touch them with my hands

My tears overflowed    I’m drowning in loneliness
With closed eyes I slip into the town’s sound
And hide my feelings
Not being able to put it into words
I try singing that song
17 May 2010 @ 07:46 pm
So yeah, I thought it might be a good idea to do this because well, I haven't found the translations of them anywhere on the internet and they're right there in the fucking booklet. So I'll be posting the translations for the album and hate gradually. I corrected some grammar mistakes but left everything else unchanged.
P.S. Lyrics in italics were already English in the song.

the studs - and hate

Ohh, it's becoming husky
Does anyone hear my voice anymore?
Accepting the lies of reality
I don't wanna live dying

Hi fine Mr. we are needer and Hi-Fi mother pain
Guns hide mean a need the we are
So fine fucker days

I wanted to walk around kicking the little rock
But with my last kick, the rock fell in the ditch

Hi fine Mr. we are needer and Hi-Fi mother pain
Guns hide mean a need the we are
So fine fucker days

Stupid stories just come and go, on a night so sad you could just laugh
What would would grownups say about this?
Smiling ugly, on a blue sky so beautiful that just makes you cry
The color you see from the side of my face is the color of solitude

This shaking fist
This blurred, broken vision
Revealing under this mask
There you come across the backward flow of the blood

I was just lonely
I was just lonely
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